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We are one region. Despite the many differences that make us human, we are united in our pursuit of happiness and purpose. We all need things like: clean air and fresh water, a roof over our heads, a living wage job, a safe route home, and a sense of belonging.


As our region grows and continues to change, we need to re-elect leaders like Metro Councilor Juan Carlos Gonzalez that are focused on addressing the deepest disparities and inequalities that have long left many behind. We can no longer afford to invest in the status quo and expect different outcomes to the challenges we face. The status quo is what left Black, brown and Indigenous communities on the outskirts of economic prosperity, wealth building, and the democratic process. 


We need leaders who will take action to address the root causes of our economic and social inequality. Locally, this means taking on houselesness, lower housing affordability, growing commute times, economic development and climate change while centering communities that are hardest hit.


The Metro regional government oversees land use and transportation planning, regional parks and trails, a regional housing strategy, garbage and recycling and key environmental initiatives. As a Metro Councilor, Juan Carlos Gonzalez has represented Washington County at the regional decision making table with bold leadership and ideas, recognizing we can’t go back to business as usual. In the last 4 years Juan Carlos has led rapid expansion of affordable housing, investments to our community corridors like TV Highway and taken bold steps towards climate action in transportation and recycling.

We need to be all in as a community, leveraging the diversity of our voices and experiences to come together and make a brighter future.  Just as we did in 2018 when we first elected JCG, we can walk further along this new chartered path for Washington County and our region.

Together we can build an Oregon we can all call home.

For our future, por nuestro futuro.


About Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos was elected to serve as Metro Councilor for District 4 on May 15th, 2018 and sworn into Public Office on January 7th, 2019. Juan Carlos is the youngest and first elected Latino Metro Councilor in the history of Metro. 

Throughout his term as a Metro Councilor, Juan Carlos Gonzalez has centered Washington County as a regional policy maker drawing on his experiences as a lifelong community member and working to ensure underrepresented communities are heard.  He recognizes the "old guard" model impedes our ability to act boldly when addressing our region's most critical issues.  We see examples of this reflected in his unwavering advocacy for a safe, equitable and accessible transportation system on neglected corridors like TV Highway and fighting to fulfil affordable housing gaps in our region and the support services needed to give everyone a chance to thrive.  

Juan Carlos is currently focused on advancing equitable opportunities for livability and economic prosperity on Metro Council while addressing the growing affordable housing crisis, investing in a world class public transportation system, reforming the full spectrum of our solid waste and recycling system to meet the needs of our region and the environment, and ensuring our land use system is equitable and responsive for future growth. 

Juan Carlos is deeply involved in organizations across the United States and Oregon that advance systems change and create opportunities for our communities. Juan Carlos currently serves on the:

  • Board of Directors of UnidosUS, the largest non-profit Latino advocacy organization in the United States

  • Board of Directors of Washington County Ignite 

  • Board of Directors of Westside Economic Alliance

  • Board of Directors of Sport Oregon

  • Washington County Latino Policy Council

The Metro regional government oversees land use and transportation planning, regional parks and trails, a regional housing strategy, garbage and recycling and key environmental initiatives. District 4 covers Northern and Western Urban Washington County, including the communities of: Beaverton, Bethany, Aloha, Bonny Slope, Raleigh Hills, West Slope, Cedar Mill and Cedar Hills, Hillsboro, Cornelius and Forest Grove.



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Leading on Climate and the Environment


The climate crisis continues to intensify, leaving wildfires, hurricanes, floods, intense heat and broken communities in its wake. Across all of these issues, it's our most vulnerable and underserved communities, people who look just like me that are most negatively impacted.  We need bold action to ensure we have a livable and thriving future.

As your Metro Councilor I will:

  • Lead Metro’s role in address climate action and resilience in our region, and mobilize the region’s climate smart plan while moving towards a just transition

  • Take the lead on key recycling initiatives to reduce waste in our landfills and our oceans, including policies like Extended Producer Responsibility, uniform labelling for multi-family services region-wide and more

  • Help the Metro region become a national leader in green sector living wage jobs

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Housing the People

Housing is a human right. Whether we were born here or chose to make Oregon our home, we all deserve a place where we can lay our heads, hug our loved ones, and make memories. However, today the Metro region faces a stark housing crisis, leaving over 5,000+ people unhoused and tens of thousands of families a paycheck away from losing the roof over their head. We must come together across the metro region to create more pathways towards permanent housing for our houseless neighbors, build housing that people can actually afford, and re-write the rules to maximize the land in our urban area.

As your Metro Councilor I will:

  • Successfully implement the regional affordable housing bond ahead of schedule and under budget, over deliver units

  • Address the crisis impacting our houseless neighbors by implementing the historic Metro Supportive Housing Services measure and get people housed, treatment and support to stay housed

  • Work with jurisdictional partners to cut red tape for more middle housing to be built across our region

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Re-envisioning our shared future


Our own well-being depends on the health and safety of the people next to us, and the people next to them. Metro government is how all of us - black, white and brown - can pull together and get through this difficult time and ensure that our communities are receiving the investments we all need.


As your Metro Councilor I will:

  • Lead with an unwavering commitment to racial justice

  • Work with regional partners to put our regional economic recovery plan into motion 

  • Support living wage jobs in critical sectors like construction and trades by investing in our infrastructure

  • Plan for diverse and resilient neighborhoods that are resistant to displacement and gentrification

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Revamping our aging infrastructure

Transportation connects us to opportunity: to jobs, schools, doctor appointments, the grocery store and to our communities. Our regional system needs to be revamped to meet the needs of the 21st century by prioritizing sustainable infrastructure. JCG believes in investing in a safe, affordable and reliable multi-modal transportation system that is accessible to all. 

As your Metro Councilor I will:

  • Invest in creating resilient communities to respond to climate change

  • Build on our GetMoving 2020 plan and make key investments in our community corridors and infrastructure like TV Highway

  • Build sidewalks and trails for communities that have lacked adequate infrastructure, creating more reliable and affordable options for families

  • Address the backlog of maintenance on our local system alongside State and Federal partners


Supporters & Endorsements

Leaders from across Oregon proudly endorse Juan Carlos Gonzalez

for re-election to Metro Council District 4 in 2022.

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Metro Councilors 

Lynn Peterson, Metro Council President

Christine Lewis, Metro Councilor

Duncan Hwang, Metro Councilor

Gerritt Rosenthal, Metro Councilor

Shirley Craddick, Metro Councilor

Mary Nolan, Metro Councilor

Bob Stacey, Former Metro Councilor

“Juan Carlos is a champion for communities in Washington County and we are proud to endorse him in his re-election effort. In our work as County Commissioners, we need a strong partner at the regional table that understands how our communities need to benefit from Metro’s work. Juan Carlos is doing a tremendous job for District 4 and Oregon.”

Washington County Commissioners Nafisa Fai and Pam Treece

County Commissioners

Kathryn Harrington, Chair of the Washington County Commissioners

Nafisa Fai, Washington County Commissioner

Pam Treece, Washington County Commissioner

Jessica Vega Pederson, Multnomah County Commissioner

Susheela Jayapal, Multnomah County Commissioner

“Knowing firsthand the challenges of being a Metro Councilor, I am in awe of the work that Juan Carlos has achieved for our region in just one term. His work bringing greater investments into community corridors and multimodal forms of transportation, has brought us closer to our climate goals. I am excited to support Juan Carlos in his re-election because our region needs strong partners, like Juan Carlos, working at all levels of governance to tirelessly advocate for our communities.”

State Representative Susan McLain

Statewide Officials 

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici

Val Hoyle, Oregon Labor Commissioner

Senate Majority Leader Robert Wagner

Representative Susan McLain

Representative Janeen Sollman

Representative Maxine Dexter

Representative Dr. Lisa Reynolds

Representative Andrea Salinas

Representative Khanh Pham

Representative Ricki Ruiz

Representative Courtney Neron

Elected Officials in Washington County & District 4

Pete Truax, Forest Grove Mayor

Tim Rippe, Forest Grove City Council 

Kristy Kottkey, Forest Grove City Council 

Mariana Valenzuela, Forest Grove City Council

Olivia Alcaire, Hillsboro City Councilor

Rick van Beveren, Hillsboro City Councilor

Beach Pace, Hillsboro City Councilor

Kyle Allen, Hillsboro City Councilor 

John Anthony Martin, Hillsboro City Councilor

Luis Hernandez, Cornelius Council President

Ángeles Godinez, Cornelius City Councilor

John Colgan, Cornelius City Councilor


Lacey Beaty, Beaverton Mayor

Nadia Hasan, Beaverton City Councilor 

Ashley Hartmeier Prigg, Beaverton City Councilor-Elect

Felicita Monteblanco, THPRD Board of Directors

Alfredo Moreno, THPRD Board of Directors

Barbie Minor, THPRD Board of Directors

Tya Ping, THPRD Board of Directors 

Heidi Green Edwards, THPRD Board of Directors

Jason Snider, Mayor of Tigard

Ken Gibson, Former Mayor of King City

Mohamed Alyajouri, PCC Board of Directors

Erika Lopez, Hillsboro School District Board

Narce Rodriguez, Forest Grove School District Board

Labor & Unions

AFSCME Local 3580 - Metro

Oregon AFSCME Council 75

Northwest Carpenters Union

IBEW Local 48

UFCW Local 555


Oregon & Southern Idaho District Council of Laborers (LiUNA)

Columbia Building Trades

Community & Local Organizations

Washington County Democrats

Oregon Working Families Party

Oregon League of Conversation Voters

Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors

Sunrise PDX

Street Trust Action

Building Power for Communities of Color

Washington County Ignite

The Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO)

Unite Oregon Action Fund

Latino Network Action Fund

Imagine Black

Greater Portland Leaders & Officials

Thomas Kim, TriMet Board of Directors

Kathy Wai, TriMet Board of Directors​

Michelle DePass, Portland Public Schools 

Carmen Rubio, Portland City Council

JoAnn Hardesty, Portland City Council ​​

Michelle DePass, Chair of the Board of Education of Portland Public School District

Joe Buck, Mayor of Lake Oswego 

Dra. Luz Maciel Villaroel, PCC Dreamers Resource Center Coordinator

Hugo Zavala, Zavala Corporation


Media + News



As your Metro Councilor, I am committed to diligently serving you. I encourage you to contact my office at if are interested in discussing a policy issue. Our team will respond as quickly as possible.

For campaign purposes, you can contact the campaign team at

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Friends and neighbors - I would love your support on the campaign trail. I'm going to need our community's help to win District 4 and it starts with everyone of us. Please tell us more about yourself & how you'd like to support the campaign. We will be in touch.

You can reach Juan Carlos at

Compañeros- Gracias por apoyar a mi campaña. Sé que necesitaré el apoyo de nuestra comunidad para ganar el Distrito 4 de Metro. Por favor cuenten nos sobre usted, y como le gustaría apoyar a la campaña. Estaremos en contacto con usted.

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